How To Subscribe To RSS

If you’re wondering how to subscribe to RSS it’s easy. But there are 2 possibilities. Jump down to specific instructions for my Gluten Free Blog.

In general, if you already have an RSS reader set up,
all you have to do is:

  1. Right click on the RSS button (control click on a Mac).

  2. From the drop down menu select one of the following, or something similar, depending on your Browser:

    • “copy link location” (Firefox)

    • “copy link” (Safari)

    • “copy link to clipboard” or “ copy shortcut” (Internet Explorer)

  3. Then paste the link into the space provided in your RSS reader and follow their instructions.

There are various types of RSS readers, and if yours is listed, like in the list I provide below, or below my navigation bar, just click on that button and follow their instructions.

How to Subscribe to RSS when the feed is through Feedburner

If the feed is provided by Feedburner, like mine is, you can still subscribe using the method I described above. But Feedburner gives you an easier option: just click on the RSS button and a Feedburner window will open. You can then select your reader, or choose one and follow their instructions to sign up.

Feed burner also gives you the option of subscribing by email.

Why Should You Subscribe to My Blog With RSS?

An RSS feed helps you keep from missing out on any posts. If you subscribe you will get all the updates without having to come back here looking for them. It saves you from wasting valuable time!

You will:

  • get a head's up when I post a new page, which may have a great recipe or some valuable tips.

  • read about gluten free discoveries and stories contributed by other readers of the site.

  • learn when I publish my e-zine, in case you prefer to read it on the site rather than give out your email address.

How to subscribe to RSS for
my Gluten Free Around The World Blog.

RSS button My Yahoo! RSS button My MSN RSS button Bloglines RSS button

To subscribe to my Gluten Free Blog by RSS (no e-mail address is necessary), or to learn more about it, click on the orange RSS Button. If you prefer you can Subscribe by Email. on the My Yahoo!, or My MSN button if you keep a personalized home page there. Follow their instructions.

If you would rather have an RSS reader that’s independent of those, you can click and sign up at Bloglines, which is a dedicated RSS reader. It’s the one I use, and it works fine for me.

You can also get my updates, plus other tidbits,
if you follow me on
Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

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New! Comments

Have something to say? Leave a comment in the box below.

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