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The Gluten Free Nomad, Issue #01 -- Free Ebook, News
January 28, 2011

Combing the World's Cuisines for the Best Gluten Free Recipes.

The Gluten Free Nomad brings you the latest additions to my treasury of Traditional Foods from Around the World that are Gluten Free, as well as information and stories from readers like you.

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The Gluten Free Nomad

Issue #01, Jan 28, 2011

Happy New Year, and welcome to the first issue of The Gluten Free Nomad, where you'll learn what's new at

There's a lot that's new, but before I get to that, I know you may be waiting for the Free Ebook of Easy Gluten Free Recipes I promised.

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What's new at Gluten Free Around The World?

#1) I've added a customized forum to the site. It's a place to go to share your gluten free stories, symptoms, and ask questions.

I hope you'll find it helpful. It would be especially helpful to other readers if you would go to the forum and answer a question or two, just to get the ball rolling. Questions that really need answers are:

#2) I also added a special Recipe Exchange section for sharing recipes, organized by area.

I hope you will bookmark it and visit often. And please share your favorite traditional recipe if you have one. Maybe something handed down from your grandmother? Or a discovery you made while traveling would be great to hear about. The more we exchange, the easier gluten free life will be for all of us.

Check out the Recipe Exchange here.

#3) About Almond Flour and Almond Meal:

I compared two popular brands of blanched almond flour by sifting down a pound of each to various particle sizes. You will be amazed at the difference. See why one type of flour is not necessarily better than the other.

Read about almond meal vs almond flour here.

#4) Lots of free gluten free recipes have been added:

including almond flour recipes, some South American recipes, and a page about almond macaroons.

Click here for some great almond flour recipes.

A Special Request for You

Do you know of any great websites or blogs that would be good partners for Gluten Free Around The World? I could really use the support of other websites or blogs linking to the site, so just reply to this newsletter if you have any suggestions or contacts of sites you know will link to GFATW and be complementary for us and for you, as a gluten free consumer.

You can also give us a shout out on Facebook, Twitter or any other way...every little bit helps Gluten Free Around The World grow and be able to continue to provide you with the great gluten free ideas and recipes.

If you have your own blog and try any of our recipes, or find any information helpful, I hope you will blog about it and link to us. Thank you very much for taking an extra moment to consider this request!

Easy Gluten Free Recipes eBook

Free Easy Gluten Free Recipes eBook

The Ebook of Easy Gluten Free Recipes is free to anyone signed up for this E-zine. So if you know someone who would like it, please invite them to come over to the site and sign up by copying this link and sending it to them in an email:

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For those of you who are already subscribed, here's how to download the Easy Gluten Free Recipes Ebook:

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Download Your Easy Gluten Free Recipes eBook Here.

Problems? Just hit reply and let me know.

I hope you enjoy the ebook. Please leave your feedback, as I will be using this ebook as a template for my upcoming Ebook of Gluten Free Cakes From Around the World, due out soon. And I am open to suggestions to improve the layout or anything you feel could use improving. (Follow my blog, Twitter, or Facebook for to learn when the cake ebook is available.)

If you have comments on the easy gluten free eBook please leave them here, so others may be encouraged to check it out.

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