Almond Flour Recipes

Almond flour recipes have been around for centuries, probably longer.

Almond Gluten Free Cake Recipe
Lemon Almond Cake
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Baking them is fun, and the results are really satisfying. You end up with something you can really feel good about eating: high in protein, gluten free, and low carb if you use an alternative sweetener like palm sugar or stevia.

Making almond flour can be done by grinding almonds in your food processor or a coffee grinder. Just be sure to pulse it on and off, and not leave it running or you’ll get almond butter.

But if you use a lot of it, like I do, you’ll probably want to buy some. Keep in mind when you buy almond flour that brands vary a lot by particle size.

You can see the difference between two popular brands of blanched almond flour in my review, where I include tips for the best kind to use depending on your recipe.

Honeyville Gluten Free Almond Flour

What if you don’t have the recommended grind of almond flour? Read why it matters, and how you can solve this problem.


Lemon Almond Cake (Spain)

Carrot Cake (Switzerland)

Italian Almond Cookies

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Italian Almond Cookies
Italian Almond Cookies:
Brutti Ma Buoni
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Traditional Gluten Free Cakes
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