There are All Kinds of Traditional
Gluten Free Cake Recipes

I've been collecting traditional gluten free cake recipes for years, and have uncovered a gold mine. The recipes come from all over the world – mostly from Europe, but also from Africa, South America, Asia, and North America, as well as many island nations.

I've posted a few here on the website. If you want a bigger variety of amazing gfree cake recipes, I gathered the best of them together into the Gluten Free Cakes From Around The World eBook.

You'll find nearly 50 cakes, including the famous Sachertorte of Austria made with almond flour, Easter Hazelnut Cake from Russia, Poppyseed Cake from the Czech Republic, and Lemon Mashed Potato Cake from Britain. They are organized into grain free cakes vs cakes with grains. And within those categories they are subdivided into nuts vs nut-free, and chocolate vs not chocolate. And there are great toppings and fillings too–as well as dairy free and low carb options.


Lemon Almond Cake (Spain)

Garbanzo Cake (Mexico)

Potato Cake, Sandtorte (Germany)

Carrot Cake (Switzerland)

Almond Gluten Free Cake Recipe
Lemon Almond Cake
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Want some more fabulous cake recipes?

Traditional Gluten Free Cakes eBook
Recipes of all kinds: flourless, grain free cakes and cakes with grains like rice and corn. Almond flour recipes and nut-free recipes. Chocolate, orange, lemon, almond, cinnamon: many mouth-watering flavors, many traditions.

The book I wish I had when I switched to living gluten free.

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I would love to know what traditional gluten free cake recipes you have found, so I invite you to share your recipe. And if you have a favorite cake but no recipe, tell us about it: maybe a recipe will turn up!

Do You Have a Traditional Gluten Free
Cake Recipe? A Story or Request?

The best recipes are the ones handed down from generation to generation. Does your family have a great gluten free cake recipe? Maybe a Passover cake, or a nut cake of some kind?

Or maybe you came across a great cake in your travels? Tell us about the cake and your story! We all love good stories, and maybe someone else has the recipe.

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