Traditional Gluten Free
Cookie Recipes

Gluten free cookie recipes have been passed down since the middle ages. It’s hard to imagine that flourless cookies like almond macaroons and almond paste cookies were eaten way back then.

But often nuts were easier to come by than flour, or cheaper when grains were taxed, and grain-free cookies were born. Baking with almond flour was very common. Other ingredients such as potatoes, coconut, beans, chocolate, and the gluten free grains rice and corn were used too, as the baker's urge to create, and the urge to keep her family or customers happy, grew.

Recipes weren’t often written down though. We’re fortunate now that many traditional recipes for gluten free cookies have been written down.

Below I’ve linked to some recipes that I've posted on the site. If you want a head’s up whenever I post another recipe, follow me.


Almond Crescent Cookies

Classic Crackled Macaroons

Coconut Quindins (Brazil)

Italian Almond Cookies

Thumbprint Cookie Recipes

Zimtsterne (Switzerland)

Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

Italian Almond Cookies
Italian Almond Cookies:
Brutti Ma Buoni
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Discover more gluten free cookie ideas here.

There are many thousands of traditional cookie recipes floating around out there, and many don’t contain any gluten! I would love to have more rice and corn cookie recipes. Anyone have any cassava or potato cookie recipes? Any Chinese New Year's Cookies made with pea flour? I invite you to help me collect them into one great resource.

Have Any Traditional
Gluten Free Cookie Recipes To Share?
Looking For A Recipe?

Do you have a story about finding some great traditional cookies that are G Free? Some favorite gluten free cookie recipes handed down from your grandmother?

Macaroons maybe, or amaretti? Please share, we would love to hear about them... Or try them!

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