Tasty Gluten Free Thanksgiving
Recipes and Tips

A gluten free Thanksgiving doesn't mean holding the stuffing and gravy. Or the traditional pies.

Here's how I satisfy the gluten free people on my guest list. Not everything here is traditional, but it will honor the tradition, and please the palate. Of everyone, gluten free or not.

So don't let your holiday celebrations suffer. Check out these recipes and tips from my family. Great for Christmas too.

Gluten Free Stuffing  |   Easy Sweet Potato Casserole
Gluten Free Gravy  |   Gluten Free Pie Crust    
Killer Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Stuffing and Dressing

In my family we always include stuffing on the menu, or dressing if we cook it outside the bird. Corn bread stuffing is a traditional gluten free stuffing, as is rice stuffing, but my favorite is when I use broken up unseasoned rice cakes instead of bread.

No, it's not traditional, but trust me on this, the rice cakes give the stuffing a great texture, and they are a lot less expensive than using gluten free bread. Just use them with your favorite recipe, but be sure to increase the moisture because the rice cakes will soak it up.

Easy Sweet Potato Casserole

We always include a sweet potato dish of some kind. Sweet potatoes are naturally gluten free, so you can use your favorite recipe.

But I want to share an amazing but easy sweet potato casserole from South America. If I don't make it every year, I get in trouble with my friends.

It's almost like a pie, since you coat the bottom of the pan with sliced almonds before adding the sweet potato mixture, and there are lots of fresh ginger and spices. If you don't eat grains, or you're intimidated by the thought of making pie crust, this makes a simple to assemble substitute for pie.

Recipe for easy sweet potato casserole.

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Gravy

Gravy doesn't have to be a challenge. If you are an experienced gravy maker, just substitute white rice flour for regular flour. It will be a little different, but add more turkey stock as needed.

If you're new to making gravy and are afraid of getting lumps, here's my solution: Use a hand blender to blend them into the gravy. Voila!

Low fat tip: Run the turkey drippings through a fat separator, and save the fat for another purpose. (You can put it in a container in the freezer and spoon it out as needed to use in stir fries, rice, etc.)

Fresh Cranberry Sauce with Orange

My favorite cranberry sauce recipe is surprisingly easy and quick, and has only 3 ingredients. It's sweetened with oranges and concentrated orange juice, and the whole thing is done in the food processor.

Killer Fresh Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Gluten Free Thanksgiving:
Pie Crust Recipe, and Pie Making Tips

I love to make pies. My grandmother taught me to make pies way back when, and for me it's creating a work of art.

When I started eating gluten free, I had to change not only the ingredients, but the method. They come out beautifully, except when I make a lattice crust. But nevertheless I'm proud of my lattice crust: the texture and taste are exquisite, they just look a little like a patchwork since the gluten free dough breaks apart easily. But I've never had any complaints.

Gluten free pie crust recipe and pie making tips.

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