A List of Gluten Free Foods
You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

A list of gluten free foods wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include traditional foods from around the world. They are one of the best resources that can make gluten free living a pleasure.

The Main Sources of Gluten

Sources of Hidden Gluten

The list will come in handy if you’re like me and love browsing through cookbooks for the next great meal. Or if you like to travel, either by flying off to other countries or eating at ethnic restaurants.

It helps to know what to look for!

While it would be impossible to make a complete list of gluten free foods, here’s a great place to start.

General List of Gluten Free Foods  |   GFree Foods From Many Cultures

Master List of Gluten Free Foods
From Around the World


These are all gluten free if prepared simply, and they haven't been contaminated. In other words: as long as there are no seasonings, coatings, or sauces that contain gluten, and as long as they haven't come in contact with another source of gluten

  • All vegetables and fruits, including the many varieties of starchy root vegetables and tubers

  • Grains and flours: Almond and other nuts, amaranth, arrowroot, beans, buckwheat, coconut, corn (maize), garfava, millet, potato, quinoa, rice, sorghum, soy, tapioca, teff, and possibly oats

  • Beans, dairy products, meats, and eggs

  • Spices and herbs unless fillers are added

  • Beverages: Teas, whether black, green, white or herbal, fruit and vegetable juices, coffee, distilled liquors, many soft drinks

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   List of Gluten Free Foods By Region

Asia  |   Europe  |   Latin America  |   North America

   List of Gluten Free Foods By Category of Food

Many traditional dishes may be gluten free, depending on how they’re prepared. But this list focuses on the types of dishes that are commonly made with wheat flour: such as breads, wraps, desserts, and batter coated foods.

It also includes staple side dishes that are common, and some beverages. Watch for these in restaurants and markets, while traveling, and in cookbooks. But keep in mind that none of these foods is guaranteed to be gluten free, so be cautious.

  • Flourless cakes of many kinds–including chocolate! But not only chocolate. There are many other flourless cakes including carrot (Switzerland), cassava (Colombia), and almond cake (Europe).

  • Other gfree cakes based on corn (American Indian), potatoes (Jewish), rice (China), beans (Mexico) or roots such as cassava (Africa)

  • Cookies of all kinds: meringue cookies (France), almond paste cookies (Germany), and Chinese almond cookies

  • Desserts: Candies, custards, pastries, some types of beignets (Creole), and other desserts such as rice pudding, which is an old standby in many cultures.

  • Bread and wraps: Quick breads; flat breads like tortillas (Mexico), injera (Ethiopia), and dosas (India); wrapped or stuffed foods such as tamales (Latin America) and spring rolls (Viet Nam). Note that most Chinese spring rolls, commonly called egg rolls, are made with a wheat wrapper and are not gluten free.

  • Appetizers with crunch, which are often missing when you dine out. Look for fried Vietnamese spring rolls: Some places only serve them cold, which can be delicious. But be sure to check if you are looking for crunch; Indian pappadums, pakoras and vadas are also delicious.

  • Breakfast dishes–cold and hot cereals, crêpes (Brittany, France), Thai coconut pancakes, and one of my favorites, the tortilla Española (Spain)–or frittata con le patatine as it’s known in Italy. (It’s an egg and potato dish.)

  • Main and side dishes include rice noodle dishes: Chinese chow fun, Singapore noodles and Vietnamese Pho; rice dishes in many cultures; corn, root vegetable, and plantain dishes such as African Fu Fu and Ugali.

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