Restaurants with Gluten Free
Menus Make Eating Out Fun Again

Fortunately, Gluten Free Menus are now available at more and more restaurants.
So if you have celiac disease, or any sort of gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy, you’re in luck.

Some gluten free menus merely point out the restaurant’s regular items that don’t contain gluten. While others, like Olive Garden, go out of their way to make gluten free dining possible by converting their dishes–using gfree pasta and/or pizza. I’ve listed these in bold as places you may want to try.

About Gluten Free Side Dishes

Before I started my grain free, nutrient-dense paleo diet and started burning more fat for fuel instead of just carbohydrates, I used to feel best when I had some kind of starch dish with my meal. I was happiest when restaurants had at least one starchy dish listed on their gluten free menus, whether it was potatoes, rice, or some kind of gfree pasta. When restaurants' gluten free menus just left out the items containing gluten–offering just salads, vegetables and protein dishes–I was really bummed–and I remained hungry!

So in case this is true for you too, along with each listing I’ve included a note as to what starchy side dishes are listed as gluten free.

SIDEBAR: Some restaurants haven’t posted their gluten free menus, or items like pizza, even though they have them. If you like to plan ahead you can call them and ask about it–I’ve included a link to their website.

Chain Restaurants With Gluten Free Menus

Some of these chains are nationwide, while some are just in certain areas or states. When that’s the case, the states or regions are listed.

Don’t hesitate to call them and ask if you have questions.

  • Austin Grill is Tex-Mex. Their chips are gfree, and they serve corn quesadillas. They also have a baked potato, griddle potatoes and cilantro rice that are gfree. Locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

  • Bertucci’s Italian serves gfree red-skinned mashed potatoes, but if you also can’t eat dairy, these may not work for you. Be sure to ask if they contain milk... Locations on East Coast

  • Biaggi’s Italian RestaurantBiaggi’s Ristorante Italiano Biaggi’s has one of the best gluten free menus. They serve both gfree pasta AND gluten free pizza! They also have a wide choice of gfree sauces... Locations are mostly in the Midwest, but spreading out. In the west they’re in Colorado, in the east they’re in New York, and in the south Mississippi.

  • Bonefish Grill The posted gf menu for Bonefish Grill shows no sign of any kind of g-free starch side-dishes. No potatoes or rice. Their house-made chips and French fries must share a fryer with gluten containing items. But they do have a flourless macadamia nut brownie... Most locations are in the East and Midwest, but they are expanding to the western states. Note: The name seems odd unless you know that a bonefish is a type of fish.

  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill The only starch choice is garlic mashed potatoes. If dairy is a problem for you be sure to ask if milk, butter, or cream has been added... Locations in South, Central, and Eastern states, and West to Nevada.

  • Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse They have baked and mashed potatoes. Locations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

  • Cheeseburger in Paradise The French Fries are g-free. Locations: East Coast and Nebraska

  • Claim Jumper Full range of foods: steaks and chicken, seafood, salads. They serve a giant stuffed potato, so it may be possible to get a baked potato... Locations: Mostly Western states, some in the Midwest

  • First Watch “Where Breakfast People Breakfast” Also serving brunch and lunch. First Watch encourages you to bring your own bread, but not to send it to the kitchen for toasting. Gfree potatoes available... Locations: Arizona, Florida, Midwest, East Coast, and growing

  • Fleming’s Steakhouse Fleming’s has an extensive gluten free menu, with several potato dishes and many gfree sauces to choose from, according to an outside source. I would call them because I currently can’t find their gluten free menu on their website. Locations in many states.

  • Fresh City This looks great, but I don’t have them in my area. If you’ve tried Fresh City, please share your opinion! They have fresh, natural, meat or vegetarian stir frys, and burritos in a bowl. Option of brown or jasmine rice. Note that some sauces marked gluten free have modified food starch, but this could be made from corn, which is gluten free... Locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey

  • Legal Seafoods The crispy calamari appetizer is made with chickpea flour, as are the crispy scallops and shrimp, and the fish sticks on the children’s menu. Salads may include gfree croutons.  They have g-free jasmine or brown rice, and baked potatoes. They also have some sort of gluten free “crumbs” for baked fish and stuffed lobster, but the menu doesn’t say what they’re made of. Top it off with a sugar free Belgian Chocolate Mousse Parfait if you have any room... Locations: East Coast

  • Maggianos’s Little Italy has a GFree Menu, but it’s not posted online... Locations in many states.

  • Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Olive Garden serves gluten free penne pasta!  It’s listed for a specific dish, but you could ask to substitute it in any pasta dish. They also serve Tuscan potatoes, but they’re not listed on their gluten free menu. I would ask if they could be cooked in a clean pan if the grill is the problem... Locations in most states and some provinces.

  • On The Border Mexican: chips NOT gluten free, but corn tortillas and Mexican rice are. But they say to talk to the manager because ingredients vary from time to time and by location, depending on their Locations: nationwide and international.

  • Outback Steakhouse I couldn’t find their gfree menu online, but last I checked their baked, mashed, and sweet potatoes are gfree, but rice and fries aren’t. They used to make a gfree bloomin' onion but they discontinued it. Locations nationwide.

  • P F Chang’s Gluten Free items include: Singapore rice noodles, fried rice, various entrées made with wheat free soy sauce, and gfree marinades. Be sure to ask for gluten free soy sauce if you want to add some, the stuff on the table contains wheat. Locations nationwide.

  • Ted’s Montana Grill Fresh-cut fries, mashed, baked, and sweet potatoes. Locations: East Coast, Midwest, and as far west as Colorado and Montana

  • Uno Chicago Gluten Free Pizza, and burger buns, Redbridge Gluten Free Beer and a couple of ciders, brown rice, mashed and baked potatoes, and an extensive GFree menu. Locations in many states.

  • Wildfire Restaurant GFree Pizza and burger buns (they make their own pizza dough and burger buns!) Known for Steaks, Chops, and Seafood. They also serve Redbridge Gluten free beer, and flourless chocolate cake... Locations: mostly in Chicago (where Wildfire originated) and Northern Illinois. But they are also in McLean VA, and Eden Prairie MN.

Read some GFree Menu reviews contributed by other visitors, and help me make this a great guide by sharing your favorite!

Find out about gluten free restaurants that not only have gluten free menus, but have a completely gluten free kitchen. These serve nothing containing gluten.

Fast Food Restaurants with Gluten Free Menus

Gluten free fast food comes in handy on road trips. If you have any suggestions please tell us here.

  • Wendy’s Wendy’s is always my first choice when I’m on a road trip and fast food is my only option. Like their old fries, Wendy's new fresh-cut fries aren’t gluten free (Bummer) since they are cooked in oil shared with gluten containing items. But if you need to have some kind of starch with your meal, they do have baked potatoes.
  • Starbucks  Eating gluten free Starbucks is hit and miss. On their website currently it says they have a rice krispie marshmallow bar, but it has dairy. You may find packets of nuts/fruit.
  • Arby’s Although Arby's has a gluten free list, their fries and potato cakes aren’t listed as gluten free because they are fried in oil shared with gluten containing items. If you need that side starch it might not be your first choice of a place to go. They do have salads and meat if that works.
  • McDonald’s Eating gluten free at Mcdonalds isn't easy since they don’t actually have a gluten free menu. They have all the ingredients for the  items posted, including all the condiments, but you have to check each item. Guess you have to really love it.

Gluten Free Pizza!

You don’t have to find restaurants with gluten free menus to find GFree pizza. Click here to find out where to get pizza.

Local Restaurants with Gluten Free Menus

There are gazillions of local restaurants that now have gluten free menus. Instead of trying to list them, I want to invite you to share your favorites.

Here’s one I found out about that looks really good, and I will try the next time I’m in near one...

    True Food Kitchen: Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, this restaurant is a collaboration between Dr. Andrew Weil and Fox Restaurant Concepts. Most of their pastas are gluten free, and they have many other gluten free items. 602-774-3488

Update: True Food Kitchen has added several locations. Read a review of True Food Kitchen, Newport Beach CA, here.

Places That have Discontinued Gluten Free Items

    Starbucks introduced a gfree cake in mid 2009, but discontinued it before the end of the year. It’s really too bad, but they are now offering some gluten free snacks.

    Outback Steakhouse still has their gluten free menu, but they used to offer a gluten free bloomin’ onion. Not that I will miss this, but I may have tried it if I had known about it!

I think maybe this should remind us that we really need to let everyone know these options exist. Not only to help us out, but it will encourage restaurants to continue to offer and expand their gluten free menus.

Click here to share a favorite gluten-free menu, and read reviews contributed by other visitors.

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