Restaurants Serving
Gluten Free Food

Restaurants serving gluten free food are making life much easier, and more enjoyable! Many have separate gluten free menus, and there are even a few that are totally gluten free.

But sometimes you just have to know where to go, and what and how to order...

Having a gluten free menu in a restaurant has helped to raise awareness among the wait staff and kitchen staff, which improves your chances of getting a meal that isn’t contaminated with bits of gluten. So the restaurants with special menus may be the safest bet, but they’re not your only choice.

Three Categories of Restaurants
Serving Gluten Free Food:

Restaurants With Gluten Free Menus

Restaurants That Are Totally Gluten Free

Restaurants With Gluten Free Pizza or Ethnic Foods

Restaurants With Gluten Free Menus

It’s great news that many restaurants serving gluten free food actually have a dedicated menu that is all gluten free. And these restaurants are spreading quickly.

They include many chain restaurants, and even some fast food restaurants now have gluten free menus, or at least they have listed their ingredients for you to see. Click here for restaurants with gluten free menus. Or if you have a favorite gluten free menu tell us!

Totally Gluten Free Restaurants

Restaurants that serve only gluten free food are still pretty hard to find. But there are some out there. Check out these gluten free restaurants. You can even add your own review if you know of a gluten free restaurant.

Restaurants Serving Gluten Free Food
Including Pizza and Ethnic Foods

Gluten-free pizza is an item that is showing up in many restaurants, even restaurants that don’t have a special gluten free menu. Some of these places even serve gluten free beer!

See a list of places serving Gluten Free pizza. Tell us about your favorite gluten-free pizza place to let more people know about it. This may help encourage them to keep serving it!

Ethnic Restaurants Serving Gluten Free Foods

Many restaurants of all cultures have foods that may be gluten free, depending on how they are prepared.

This includes tacos and tamales in Mexican restaurants, and rice and rice noodle dishes in Asian restaurants. For ideas of foods to look for see my list of gluten free foods from many cultures.

Caution: If you have a severe gluten intolerance such as Celiac disease, you have to be extra careful, as cross-contamination with foods and surfaces containing gluten can happen very easily. Please read this...

But if you follow some simple precautions you’re more likely to be safe. Be bold. Ask if you can read the ingredients on the packages, and ask them to use clean pans, or fresh oil, instead of pans or oil shared with other dishes.

Bring your own gluten free soy sauce or pasta and ask if they can use them,
it’s worth a try!

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Share your favorite restaurant that serves g free food with us!

Do you know of a restaurant that’s 100% gluten free? Or have a favorite dish there? Tell us about it.

Do you have a tip on a restaurant that has a great g-free menu? Or recommendations on what to order? Share it here.

Have a favorite gluten free pizza parlor? Let us in on the secret!

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New! Comments

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