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Pat’s Gluten Free Blog will always bring you the latest recipes and additions to Follow along as I post the best traditional gluten free recipes that I’ve gathered over the past 25 years.

You’ll discover: Traditional recipes for desserts such as: Flourless almond and chocolate cakes from Vienna, Chinese almond cookies, Hazelnut sponge cake, German Sand Tortes, and Rice Puddings from many cultures. Also Wheat and gluten free flatbreads such as: Injera from Ethiopia, Dosas from India, Arepas from Venezuela. And Lots More!

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Gluten Free Christmas Cookies, Xmas Cookies, Gluten Free Christmas Recipes

Here are the Best Gluten Free Christmas Cookies! They come from all over the world, plus some vintage recipes from a 1916 cookbook that belonged to my grandmother. I am really excited to share them.

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The Tortilla Espanola Makes a Great Appetizer or Breakfast or Main Dish

This dish is popular in many cultures, and a great one to have in your repertoire. Find out how easy it is, and how to dress it up for a special occasion.

Tortilla Espanola

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Master List of Gluten Free Foods

Gluten free choices go way beyond the products now being marketed. You don't have to spend tons of money eating gluten free...

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The blog is an easy way to get new recipes and tips as I post them, and to keep up to date with additions to my website.

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