Celiac Symptoms Range from
Extreme to None at All

Celiac symptoms may fit the classic understanding of Celiac Disease: diarrhea and weight loss, but they also may be something entirely different. Some people have no symptoms at all!

Doctors have a real challenge in diagnosing the disease, since the symptoms are so variable and can change from time to time. But also because many of the symptoms could be caused by something else. I’ve written about the many possible symptoms here.

If you’re wondering if you have Celiac disease, hearing all this stuff second hand can be confusing.

So it would really help to hear from you if you have been officially diagnosed. What are your symptoms? Or what were your symptoms prior to treatment?

Did you find anything that helped relieve your symptoms? Yoga, exercise, diet changes other than eliminating gluten? Please tell us!

Have You Been Officially Diagnosed?
What Are/Were Your Symptoms?

If you have Celiac Disease that has been diagnosed by a doctor, it would really help to know about your symptoms. Since symptoms vary so much, sometimes it’s hard to convince someone to be tested. Or to convince a doctor to run tests. Please tell us about your symptoms and help build awareness of this serious disease!

Your Celiac Symptoms and Stories

Let's learn from each other: read about real Celiac Symptoms of visitors like you.

gluten sensitivity Not rated yet
I just know that when I eat gluten foods my digestive system and my body become inflamed (bloat up) when I stay away from these foods my body digests food …

My experience with Celiac Symptoms Not rated yet
Cheryl's Experience with Celiac Symptoms: My celiac symptoms started as a young child. I was taken to doctors for being severely constipated & run …

Celiac Symptoms: Could not Eat  Not rated yet
From Anita: After a bout of food poisoning, I just could not get better. In addition to terrible fatigue, and constant nausea and abdominal pain, I …

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