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The Best Blog Software

The best blog software will help you create a blog that automatically makes your posts easy to find.

AND it teaches you how to attract lots of readers that really want what you have to say. And perhaps to sell.

Do you ever get frustrated because entries in a blog you love seem to disappear into a graveyard of dates? What’s special about a siteblog is that each entry can be found easily: it becomes a page in a well-organized, easily navigable website.

The SiteBlog Is a Blog Morphing into a Website

My gluten free blog is one of the first of this new breed of blog because it's supported by the best blog software. (More on this below.) So my blog, a journal of traditional gluten free foods and recipes from around the world, is a growing website that also includes important tips and resources for gluten free living, and whatever else I think would be of interest to my readers.

When I make a post, that post becomes a page on my site, and can easily be found by readers at any time in the future. Because much of my information isn’t time sensitive, I don’t have to put a date on the posts (You can if you want to.) As a result, all my work doesn’t get pushed into a graveyard of out-of-date archives.

Another advantage to this system is that my traffic doesn’t depend on me constantly making new posts. Each post focuses on a specific topic, or Keyword, that I carefully selected to help visitors find the page through search engines like Google (SBI taught me how to do that). So if I want to go on vacation, or just take a break from making posts, I still get lots of visitors!

The Best Blog Software That I’ve Found

After lots of research, I found what I consider to be the best blog software: a system called SBI. It has way more to offer than any other blogging software. SBI is really a complete a business in a package. It can be used either as a stand alone web business, or the internet portion that helps you expand your offline business.

If you want to create a blog so that you can share what you love with lots of people and make good money while you’re at it, then I doubt if you’ll find a better platform.

I don’t recommend things unless I really like them, and SBI has over-delivered as far as I’m concerned. I especially like the support I’ve felt from the SBI community of people who are very helpful. It really helps to be around people who are doing what they love and being rewarded financially, and then turn around and help you with what they've learned.

This Video Gives a Great Overview

In other words SBI helps you share what you know or love, or offer products and services, to people who want them. They teach you not to try to sell people stuff they don’t really want. SBI is all about “keeping it real”, which is my intention. And the forums offer lots of support from people who feel the same way.

The Best Blog Software
Doesn’t Give Itself Enough Credit

Even though SBI is the best platform if you are blogging for business, they don’t even give themselves the proper credit for what they have to offer. So when you check out their page about blogging vs. building a website, the heading does mention that you’re building a website and blog at the same time. But after that you have to read pretty far down to realize that for most people, SBI is the best blog software.

You can actually disregard the statements about “blogging” not being right for most businesses. What they’re referring to is the type of blogging we normally think of. The labor intensive kind with dated entries that are kind of like dead fish. After a few days no one wants them, and your work generally only benefits the few people who are there when you post.

Blogging through SBI is just as respected and welcome to readers as other blogging platforms with all their bells and whistles. A great example is a blog by an SBIer named Birgit, which won an award as one of the best Travel Blogs of Australia: The Outback Australia Travel Guide.

I decided that for me SBI is the best blog software because it offers me so much more than the other options. Check out these videos if you’re thinking of blogging and would like to make some money while you’re at it.

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New! Comments

Have something to say? Leave a comment in the box below.

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