Gluten Free Menu at True Food Kitchen, Newport Beach, CA

by nancy
(Newport Beach, CA)

A Peek Into True Food Kitchen

A Peek Into True Food Kitchen

Gluten Free Menu and Great Service at True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen has many items on their gluten free menu and accommodated me by switching a soy sauce type of dressing to a gluten free dressing on their "ahi salad."

The people working there seem very knowledgeable and very helpful in accommodating a gluten free diet. Their food is very delicious too!


Please let us know if you've been to any of the True Food Kitchens and how you liked it. – Click here to read or post comments.

    Hi Nancy,

    Many thanks for your review of True Food Kitchen–I’m happy to hear there is now one in the LA area. I’ve gotten some helpful advice from Andrew Weil, and am curious to see what he’s done with a restaurant.

    It looks fabulous and I look forward to trying it when I’m in the area. Hope you’re finding the site useful!



True Food Kitchen is the brainchild of Dr. Andrew Weil, who is a proponent of healthy eating and co-author, with Rosie Daly, of one of our favorite cookbooks: The Healthy Kitchen: Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit

Dr. Weil developed the restaurants with Sam Fox, CEO and president of Fox Restaurant Concepts, with the intention of serving food that follows his version of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Their focus is on fresh local food that is seasonal and sustainable, and an environmentally sound kitchen and atmosphere. True Food Kitchen's menu is clearly marked with the many gluten free options, so a separate gluten free menu isn't necessary.


Currently there are 3 locations: 2 in the Phoenix area in addition to this one in Newport Beach, CA. Another is opening soon in Santa Monica, CA, and more will follow.

Fashion Island
451 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
P: 949.644.2400


You can check True Food Kitchen’s website for their other locations and hours, and to look at their gluten free menu. See this article for more info and the philosophy behind True Food Kitchen.


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