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meat free
by: alex calder

muchas thanx,

it looks supa dupa yummi!

my family is from there but i never have tried it.

i am also a pescetarian, so this dish is just perfect, maybe with a good salad and some chilean vino.

will make it soon... and let you know.

Thank you Susana!
by: Pat

This looks great Susana. Fresh beans are one of my summer favorites, and I love pumpkin and fresh corn, and of course fresh tomatoes and basil.

Sounds like the perfect summer dish. Hmmmm I might have to have Steve grow some cranberry beans...

by: Colleen

I lived in Chile for a bit in the 90s and this was one of my favorite foods. When Rancho Gordo had baby lima beans for sale I knew I had to try to make it once corn season rolled around.

This recipe was delicious! I don't remember there being tomato in it when I was in Chile, but I tried it and it's really good. Since I cooked my lima beans separately b/c they were dry, I added them with the corn.

Also, I pureed kernels from one ear of corn with 1/4 cup of bean cooking liquid and added this along with the 1 cup of kernels.

My daughter has celiac disease, so googling for this recipe led me to a great resource! Thank you for having a positive attitude about gluten free life.

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