Using Stevia in This
Coconut Cookie Recipe

by Judith Fine-Sarchielli
(Simi Valley, CA)

Stevia Flakes or Stevia Powder?

For a low carb option, try substituting 3/4 Cup stevia flakes for the sugar. Many people believe that sugar isn't good for celiacs.

I think it's best to grow your own organic stevia, because the flakes you can buy (if you can find them) are sometimes processed, as are sugar substitutes such as Xylitol. However, these are still more healthful than sugar.


Please let us know if you've used stevia flakes or powder and how you liked them, how much you used, etc. – Click here to read or post comments.

    Hi Judith,

    Since the recipes on this site are traditional, I have left in the sugar. When I try the recipe with an alternative ingredient I will post it.

    If you have tried the recipe with stevia please let us know what kind you used and how much-please include brand names as they vary a lot.

    I have never tried stevia flakes. But my understanding from looking at them online is that stevia flakes are simply the dried stevia herb. If that is the case I would think you would either have to grind them super fine and disguise them carefully so you don't end up with a twiggy mess. Or you would need to soak them in a hot liquid to extract the sweetness. In other words a lot of work, or better for use in tea. Please help enlighten me—I'm sure I'm not the only one who would make this assumption.

    Here's a book I found that could explain more, and there are others on Amazon, but I haven't had a chance to look at any of them yet: Growing and Using Stevia: The Sweet Leaf from Garden to Table with 35 Recipes

    Since you suggested such a large amount of stevia I'm really curious as to what you have in mind. I wonder if you are grinding it down, or if you are thinking of a stevia powder product that is cut with inulin or with a sugar alcohol like Erythritol. Since straight stevia is super sweet and you need very little, the amount you suggest seems very high—even if you use a product like I mentioned.

    But I know many people, like myself, can't eat sugar so the idea of using stevia is very welcome. I would love to know if you tried it and what you used.



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